Biomedical Exploration Workshop

The Biomedical Exploration Workshop* is a five week summer program offered at the College of Southern Nevada. It is designed to give students the opportunity to explore different career options in the biomedical sciences, and gain exposure to the environments in which they would be working.

A secondary aim of the program is to help students expand their academic abilities, primarily in reading, math and laboratory skills to help prepare them for their upper division science courses.



Field Trips

Field trips to various research and medical facilities to observe possible work environments and network with people in the profession.



Clinical Exposure

Hands-on demonstrations in a clinical setting.



Biomedical Training

Each week the students will meet with outside speakers from various fields of study in the biomedical sciences such as medical researchers, forensic scientists, nurses, doctors etc.



Biomedical Assays

Workshop team performing protein assays.



Biomedical Laboratory Exercises

Performing laboratory experiments that focus on developing molecular biological techniques



CSN Science Faculty

Work with CSN science and math professors



Environmental Science

Workshop team visits the Las Vegas wetlands.

Workshop Details


  • The workshop begins in June and continues through July (dates vary, check the application for details). Students will meet Monday through Friday from 9am -1pm each day.
  • The workshop is held on the West Charleston and North Las Vegas campuses
  • Fridays involve field trips to various research and medical facilities to observe possible work environments and network with people in the profession. Transportation to off-campus facilities are by personal vehicle or carpooling. Transportation will be provided for those without cars.
  • The program will also consist of academic activities in reading and math followed by laboratory experiments that focus on developing molecular biological techniques, such as DNA fingerprinting, gene cloning, bacterial identification, etc.
H building

Science building (H building) at the West Charleston campus of CSN

Student Reviews...

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    It was a great experience. I learned more more about the field than I thought I would and met some great people. The professors were extremely helpful in assisting us in any way they could.

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    I loved every part of the workshop and will recommend it to everyone I know. It was very helpful, informative, and opened our eyes to ideas, concepts, and careers that have never crossed our minds.

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    I had a great time during these 5 weeks and feel that I learned a lot. I am now more confident in my academic future now that I know what’s at the end of the tunnel that is undergraduate work.

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    This was a great opportunity and was a lot of fun. I feel like I am going to be a step ahead in my biology classes next semester.

Who Can Apply?

Any legal resident of the U.S. who is currently enrolled in Biology 101, 189, or 190 this semester OR who has completed Biology 101, 189, or 190 within the past year.

Women, Minorities, and First Generation College students are encouraged to apply.

What Do I Need?

Before filling out and submitting the application, you will need the following:

  • General personal information.
  • Short essay (100-400 words) describing your educational background and interests, including why you would like to participate in the Biomedical Exploration Workshop. You can paste this information directly into the application.
  • The name of a college instructor that you are using as a reference.
  • A digital file of your official or unofficial transcripts that can be attached to the application.


Upon completion of the program, students will be given a stipend of $1,400 to help defray the costs of participant’s time.

Contact Information

Earl Yoon
Earl Yoon

Coordinator, College of Southern Nevada

  West Charleston, H201L
  (702) 651-5556 | Obscure_yoon

Supported by a grant from the National Center for Research Resources (5P20RR016464-11) and the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (8P20GM103440-11)

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